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Improve your self confidence, speech, and ability to chew.

2thRightNow is a procedure that is performed in one day, right here at Dental Center of the Carolinas. With a dental implant supported set of teeth, New Teeth Now will give you the same look and feel as natural teeth. This will dramatically improve the quality of your life by improving your self confidence, speech, and ability to chew.

Dramatic Results from Dental Implants

1: Failing Denture
2: Unaesthetic Implant Bridge
3: After Dental Implant procedure
4: New technology features implant retained denture for a seamless, life-like beautiful smile.
5: Old technology, using titanium implants, leaves metal visible and looks unattractive.



New Teeth Now will dramatically improve the quality of your life by improving your self confidence, speech, and ability to chew.

What are Dental Implants?

Although advances in dentistry mean that dentures today are far more comfortable in your mouth than in the past. There are people who would prefer to not to have the inconvenience of taking dentures out for cleaning or worrying about whether their dentures will cause embarrassment while eating out with friends because chewing might be difficult.

That’s why New Teeth Now is fast becoming a popular alternative to dentures.

Why is Teeth in a Day different from other implants?

Standard dental implants are performed over a period of time. First, the teeth that need removing are taken away and your jaw is prepared. The second stage cannot take place until your jaw has healed, which might take some months.

When it is time to carry on with the procedure, your dentist will drill holes into your jaw and place metal posts in your gum and through to the bone and then fix in the tooth or teeth. This whole process can take between three and nine months, with numerous visits to your dentist.

New Teeth Now, on the other hand, can take less than a month. There is a short preparation period and the procedure itself is extremely quick, as the name suggests, you will have your new teeth fitted in around an hour.

What does the dentist do to prepare for New Teeth Now?

The dentist will make sure that you are suitable for surgery by checking that you have enough bone in your jaw and that you are generally healthy. You’ll then have a CT scan, which your dentist will use to obtain a 3D virtual model of your jaw and then the data is sent to the lab for the teeth to be prepared. By using 3D, the dentist has a much better view of your jaw and will produce implants which fit perfectly.

What is the surgical procedure?

Once the new teeth are ready for fitting, the dentist will remove any teeth that need to be taken away and then fit four implants into your jaw and screw in the plate with your new teeth. The procedure can in fact take more than hour for some patients. Having teeth fitted in your top (maxilla) and bottom jaw (mandible) will take longer, but you’ll rarely be in the dentist’s chair more than four hours.

How long is the recovery time?

Not long at all, depending on the anesthesia you choose, you should be out of the dentist surgery and back at home within an hour or so.

How Do I Get Started?

Start with a Free Consultation with Dr. Kelly. At this consultation, we will create a customized treatment plan just for you. You’ll learn exactly how much the procedure will cost without having to worry about any surprise fees. And remember: a free consultation is a conversation. It’s not a commitment. You have nothing to lose and a beautiful smile to gain.


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